Manuel López Antequera Computer Vision Engineer





Currently a computer vision engineer at Mapillary. My work there focuses on improving large-scale automated map data generation from images using computer vision. During my PhD I mostly worked in visual place recognition and visual localization.

Short bio

Born in Caracas in 1988, I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2009 and 2013 from the University of Málaga (Spain).

During my undergraduate studies I interned at electronics manufacturer PREMO, where I developed automatic measurement systems for testing the magnetic field of electric coils.

After that, I spent some time at the Department of Civil and Materials engineering at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels as a research assistant working on simulations of shockwave propagation in soil.

I took a gap year during my MsC to become an intern at the Human Sensing Lab at Carnergie Mellon University, where I developed an interest for computer vision and robotics. In 2013 I started a joint PhD program, spending my summers at the Intelligent Systems group in Groningen (Netherlands) and my winters at the MAPIR research lab in Málaga. Finally, I joined Mapillary for a PhD internship in January 2018 and have been there since.